Details Amount Dividend Received 93,250

Loan payment 143,000

Amounts Recovered 194,000

Interest Expense 200,000

Court Administration Fees 240,000

Cost of Training 275,000

Bar License 300,400

Store Rent 300,750

Fines and Penalties 330,000

General Cleaning 350,000

Sanitation 370,000

Accumulated Fund (1/1/2020) 370,600

Basic Taxes and Rates 370,900

Allowances 390,470

Equity Investment Acquired 420,000

Royalties 430,000

Accountancy and Consultancies cost 470,000

Work-In-Progress 490,000

Herbalist License 530,370

Posts not on Establishment 580,000

Other Expenditure 600,000

Stool Land Revenue 600,000

Transport and Travelling cost 620,000

Utilities 630,000

Hostel License 630,920

Details Amount Advances to Staff 660,000

Local Park Fees 720,400

Inventory and Consumables 800,000

Special Services 820,000

Property Rate 820,900

Social Benefit 840,300

Market Tolls 870,000

Consumption of Fixed Assets 960,000

Infrastructure, Plant and Equipment 980,000

Permit Fees 990,000

Proceeds from Sale of Equity 990,320

Established Posts 1,140,700

Development Bonds Issued 1,300,000

Business Income 2,300,600

Loans Received 2,330,000

Local Fund 2,930,000

Rent from Land and Building 6,120,800

Central Government Salaries 12,000,000

Cash and Cash Equivalent @ (1/1/2020) 12,300,240

Parish Development Facility 15,000,600


1. You are to ensure that CORIS RA adopts and maintain the accrual accounting basis when preparing its financial statements

2. As of December 31, 2020, the Established Post had outstanding salaries of $180,000,000.00

3. Closing Inventory and Consumables as at December 31, 2020 stood at $170,000,000.00


Using the guidelines and formats set out in the applicable IPSASs, you are to:

A. Prepare CORIS RA Statement of Cash Flow for the year ended December 31, 2020

B. Prepare CORIS RA Statement of Financial Performance for the year ended December 31, 2020


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