Principles of Advertising CONTACT & CREDIT HOURS: 3 CATALOG DESCRIPTION: An Introductory course covering history, functions, principles, and applications of advertising. Topics Include copywriting, selection of media, budgeting, print and broadcast production, and the role of the advertising agency and rescarch. Students will develop an advertising campaign. SUNY GEN ED-n/a; NCC GEN ED-n/a TEXTBOOK: Title: Author: Publisher: Edition: Lydvertising & Integrated Brand Promotion Guinn, Allen, Semenik. Close Scheinbaum Cengage Learning sch, 2019 LEARNING GOALS/OUTCOMES: 1. Advertising & Integrated Brand Promotion After completing this course, students will have an in-depth understanding of advertising and integrated brand promotion and the roles they play within an organization’s overall marketing program. 1.1. Advertising & Integrated Brand Promotion Students will be able to discuss the history of advertising, ethical & regulatory aspects of advertising, and describe the structure of the advertising & promotion industry. 2. Planning & Creating Advertising & Integrated Brand Promotion After completing this course students will have learned how different organizations plan and create various types of advertising & integrated brand promotion strategies. 2.1 Planning & Creating Advertising & Integrated Brand Promotion Students will be able to discuss and describe how organizations use advertising & promotional rescarch to help develop the “creative message” and how the creative execution will be implemented. 3. Different Ways Integrated Brand Promotion is Utilized After completing this course students will have learned various methods of how organizations use both conventional & new media to implement integrated brand promotion. 3.1 Different Ways Integrated Brand Promotion is Used Today Students will be to discuss & describe how organizations use conventional media- newspapers, magazines, TV, radio & new media- Facebook, twitter, Instagram, to carry out their goal of integrated brand promotion. Students will also be able to discuss & describe such tactics as product placement, event sponsorship. public relations, corporate advertising. TOPIC OUTLINE: The World of Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion The Structure of the Advertising and Promotion Industry: Advertisers, Agencies, Media, and Support Organizations The History of Advertising and Brand Promotion Social, Ethical, and Regulatory Aspects of Advertising and Promotion Advertising, Integrated Brand Promotion, and Consumer Behavior Market Segmentation, Positioning, and the Value Proposition Advertising Rescarch Planning Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion Managing Creativity in Advertising and IBP Creative Message Strategy Executing the Creative Media Planning Essentials Media Planning: Newspapers, Magazines, TV and Radio Media Planning: Advertising and IBP in Digital, Social, and Mobile Media Sales Promotion, Point-of-Purchase Advertising, and Support Media Event Sponsorship, Product Placements, and Branded Entertainment Integrating Direct Marketing and Personal Selling Public Relations, Influencer Marketing, and Corporate Advertising


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