Q#2 CASE STUDY 2 Urz Rice, a leading rice brand sold by ZM International has been a consistent top player in the competitive rice industry in Pakistan’s rice market for the last 30 years. ZM International is a leading supplier of quality rice in the domestic and international market. Urz Rice has enjoyed to be their top selling brand in both markets. Leading supermarkets such as Imtiaz, Jalasons, Naheed, GreenValley, Carrefour, Metro and many more endorse Urz Rice to be their best seller Azam Saleem, the vice president sales, was responsible for more than 200 salespeople around the country. He had pushed hard for a CRM system to be implemented at ZM International. Finally, as part of an overall upgrade of the IT system at the company, senior management had purchased a CRM package that included state-of-the-art software and hardware to help ZM International to do a better job of managing its customer relationships. It was expensive to get the package. The final cost ran into millions of rupees and additional training time. It is now six months since the purchase of the system and Sharjeel Afridi, Vice President IT just called Azam to say he still had not received a detailed summary of the information needed by the sales force. Management wanted the entire company to benefit from the system and were looking forward to its implementation. The company had a lot of information about its customers as well as other data that could be incorporated into its CRM system (internal billing, price, and production schedules). Azam was well aware of the system’s potential and had spent a great deal of time thinking about how the sales force could use it most effectively.


1. You are Azam Saleem. What critical information do you think would be most helpful for the sales force to be able to access about the relationship between ZM International and its customers?

2. What technology would you use to deliver this information from the CRM system to the salesperson (tablet, smartphone, laptop, or something else), and why would you choose that technology?

3. What kinds of issues do you think might come up for ZM International as it implements the CRM system with the sales force, for example, possible salesperson resistance to collecting information for the CRM system?


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