8.9 Direct Request: Planning a Winter Retreat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Obj. 2)

Despite grim economic news, your employer, Stremer Media Group of Dallas, Texas, has had an excellent year and the CEO, Peter Stremer, would like to reward “the troops” for their hard work with a rustic yet plush winter retreat. The CEO wants his company to host a four-day combination conference/retreat/ vacation for his 55 marketing and media professionals and their spouses or significant others at some spectacular winter resort.

One of the choices is Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a famous ski resort town with steep slopes and dramatic mountain views. The location is popular for its proximity to Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone, and the National Elk Refuge. As the marketing manager, you will also look into winter resorts in Utah and Colorado. As you search the Web and investigate the options in Jackson Hole, you are captivated by the Four Seasons Resort, a fivestar facility with outdoor pool, spa tub, ski in/ski out access, and an amply equipped gym and fitness room. Other amenities include an on-site spa with massage and treatment rooms, a sauna, and facial and body treatments.

The website of the Four Seasons Jackson Hole is not very explicit on the subject of business and event facilities, so you decide to jot down a few key questions. You estimate that your company will require about 50 rooms. You will also need two conference rooms (to accommodate 25 participants or more) for one and a half days. You want to know about room rates, conference facilities, A/V equipment in the conference rooms, and entertainment options for families. You have two periods that would be possible: December 15-19 or January 12-16. You realize that both are peak times, but you wonder whether you can get a discounted group rate. You are interested in entertainment on site, Jackson Hole, and tours to the nearby national parks. Jackson Hole airport is 4.5 miles away, and you would like to know whether the hotel operates a shuttle. Also, one evening the CEO will want to host a banquet for about 85 people. Mr. Stremer wants a report from you by September 15.



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