Explain how you can ensure proper execution of a strategy. Support your answer using relevant examples. “You do not choose to become global. The market chooses for you; it forces your hand.” Alain Gomez Discuss the above statement fully. (b) Briefly discuss the different strategic options available to firms willing to move in the global market. You have been hired as a consultant by a clothing company to introduce a strategic management process within the organization due to constant losses. What arguments would you use to convince the different levels of management to embrace that change? Every strategic alliance incurs certain costs and comes with a set of risks. Explain the possible costs and risks of entering into a strategic alliance. Differentiate between the Red Ocean and Blue Ocean Strategy. Illustrate using relevant examples. What are the risks associated with the Blue Ocean Strategy? Outsourcing is a much used strategic option. Outline the benefits and drawbacks of using the Outsourcing strategy. Illustrate your answer using examples from the Local Context. Distinguish between a Mission statement and a Vision statement highlighting the benefits of both. Managers need to constantly keep track of changes in their environment. Using an appropriate framework, analyse the attractiveness of an industry in which you are evolving.


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