Board members have a duty to make decisions based on what
ultimately is best for the long-term interests of the company and
shareholders. Much discussion in recent years has focused on the
need for boards and management to balance the short-term operations
of a company with a long-term sustainable strategic outlook.
Although shareholders with a short holding period may indeed be
interested in corporate governance, long-term shareholders (those
who hold shares for years) are more likely to incorporate corporate
governance factors into their investment analyses. The reason is
that governance aspects often affect company value over a long
The board is responsible for the overall strategy of a company and
should consider that the company’s core purpose, risks and
opportunities, strategy, business model, performance, and
sustainable development are part of the value creation process.
Many shareholders also are interested in whether the board ensures
that the company promotes responsible corporate citizenship. To act
in the best interests of the company and shareholders, board
members need a combination of four things: independence,
experience, resources, and accurate information about the company’s
financial and operating position1.

Using Standard Chartered Bank , assess how best the
interests of the company and shareholders are being met by
assessing board members effectiveness by considering the
combination of independence, experience, resources and provision of
accurate information. Furthermore, discuss the level of corporate
social responsibility (CSR) practiced by the firm.


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