You were asked to find the ply-by-ply failure loads of a symmetric graphite/epoxy laminate [0/90]s made of unidirectional graphite/epoxy. The properties of this laminate are listed in Table 1. If we assume that the thickness of each ply is 5 mm and that the laminate is subjected to a tensile normal load in the x-direction Nx =1 N/m.

  1. Calculate the middle plane strain
  2. Calculate the global strains and global stresses in each ply (i.e., top layer 0°, middle layer 90°, and bottom layer 0°)
  3. Calculate the local strains and local stresses in each ply (i.e., top layer 0°, middle layer 90°, and bottom layer 0°)
  4. Find the ply-by-ply failure loads of the laminate using the Tsai-Wu criterion.Symbol Units Graphite epoxy V E E2 GP? GPa Glass/ epoxy 0.45 38.6 8.27 0.26 4.14 1062 Boron/ epoxy 0.50 204 18.50 0.23 5.59 1260 0.70 181 10.30 0.28 7.17 1500 V 12 G12 (1) ult GPa MP? (6) MPa 610 2500 1500 (6) mult MP? 31 61 40 Property Fiber volume fraction Longitudinal elastic modulus Transverse elastic modulus Major Poisson’s ratio Shear modulus Ultimate longitudinal tensile strength Ultimate longitudinal compressive strength Ultimate transverse tensile strength Ultimate transverse compressive strength Ultimate in-plane shear strength Longitudinal coefficient of thermal expansion Transverse coefficient of thermal expansion Longitudinal coefficient of moisture expansion Transverse coefficient of moisture expansion (63) alt MP? 118 202 246 (112) MP? 72 67 68 an um/m/°C 8.6 6.1 0.02 02 um/m/°C 22.1 30.3 22.5 B m/m/kg/kg 0.00 0.00 0.00 B2 m/m/kg/kg 0.60 0.60 0.60


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