15.12 Tweeting to Find a Job (Obj. 5)

Twitter résumés are a new twist on job hunting. While most job seekers struggle to contain their credentials on one page, others are tweeting their credentials in 140 characters or fewer! Here is an example from The

RT #Susan Moline seeks a LEAD/SR QA ENG JOB @TalentEvolution Р #r̩sum̩ #QA-Jobs-CA

Are you scratching your head? Let’s translate: (a) RT stands for retweet, allowing your Twitter followers to repeat this message to their followers. (b) The hashtag (#) always means subject; prefacing your name, it makes you easy to find. (c) The uppercase abbreviations indicate the job title, here Lead Senior Quality Assurance Engineer. (d) The first link is a “tiny URL,” a short, memorable Web address or alias provided free by and other URL-shrinking services. The first short link reveals the job seeker’s Talent Evolution profile page; the second directs viewers to a job seeker profile created on (e) The hashtags indicate the search terms used as seen here: name, quality assurance jobs in California, and the broad term résumé. You may want to visit the career site The at http://www and view the many articles for job seekers listed under the category Career Advice. When doing research from within Twitter, use the @ symbol with a specific Twitter user name or the # symbol for a subject search



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