Rectify the error if any in the following in-text citation based on APA guidelines.
Perceived risk, which is defined as an individual’s degree of expected uncertainty associated with the result of using a certain technology (Tan and Lau, 2016). It includes five main groupings: service performance, monetary, time, societal and security risks (Jacoby and Kaplan, 1972; Mha, 2015). Perceived risks in turn increase consumer hesitation and generate negative attitudes toward a service (Kalaiarasi and Srividya, 2012). This breeds a sense of anxiety and unease that in turn decreases the perceived value and usefulness of a technology, thereby diminishing adoption intentions (Kumar, Arcand, Tai, 2012). Indeed, as stated by (Kazi and Mannan, 2013), electronic banking applications are associated with high perceived risks because consumers fear the exchange of personal financial information and services through online applications Moreover, studies have indicated that a high degree of perceived risk and insecurity is generally associated with mobile devices as people dread the loss or theft of these appliances and the information they hold (Hanafizadeh, 2013). Studies have also found that consumers fear the uncertainty associated with mobile applications, including system errors, software problems, connection troubles and third party hacking (Tai and Ku, 2013). Therefore, high risks will significantly reduce an individual’s likelihood to adopt m-banking technologies (Kumar, Arcand, Tai, 2012).


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