Which of the following statements does not ‘accurately describe how your company’s performance is scored on the Best-in-Industry Standard?

> The best-in-industry performer on EPS, on ROE, on Image Rating, and on Stock Price earns a perfect score (the full number of points for that measure as determined by the weights chosen by your instructor)–but only if the industry leader’s performance equals or exceeds the investor-expected performance target established by the company’s Board of Directors.
> In order to receive a score of 100, a company must (1) be the best-in-industry performer on EPS, ROE, stock price, and image rating, (2) achieve the investor-expected targets for EPS, ROE, stock price appreciation, and image rating set by the company’s Board of Directors, and (3) have an A+ credit rating.
> The Best-in-Industry scoring standard is based on how your company’s performance compares (1) to the industry’s best performer on market share, on return on sales (ROS), on stock price appreciation, and on P/Q rating and (2) to the ultimate credit rating of A+.
> If EPS is given an instructor-assigned weight of 20 points, a company with an industry- leading EPS performance of $5.00 (that is above the investor-expected EPS of $3.70) gets a score of 20 points and a company with an EPS of $3.00 (which is 60% as good as the leader’s $5.00) gets a score of 12 points (60% of 20 points)
> Your company will receive an annual best-in-industry score and a “game-to-date” best-in- industry score for all years completed.


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