Global Logistic Strategy

1)The logistics and supply chain trends that have emerged from globalisation, and related statistics. This should provide the basis for our discussion on the affects of globalisation, the criticality of international trade and the adaptation of manufacturing and service organizations. Select a product you are familiar with (e.g. a mobile/cellular telephone, or clothing) and critically consider where and how it was manufactured, why they think it was manufactured there, and how it reached them. This discussion should draw out each of the points listed.

2) Cost pressures are driving manufacturers to increasingly offshore to low cost economies. This in turn is increasing international trade and freight movements. Referring the world map in this book, how does this impact the major logistics hubs in the world, and will there be a need for more hubs?

3) Answer the following questions:

  • >Explain the distinction between outsourcing and offshoring
  • >What are the most frequently reported problems in outsourcing?
  • >Explain what factors would typically be considered in contingency planning in outsourcing arrangements
  • >Explain the distinction between integration and outsourcing
  • >How might a response to a humanitarian disaster be improved through vertical and horizontal collaboration between the various actors?

4) Critically discuss growth of international trade, the reason for it and the future of international trade.

I would appreciate if all the questions are answered, thank you!


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