1. The Miz is a casual dining restaurant owned by Mr. Michael Mizanin and named after himself. He has operated the restaurant since 2017. When the global pandemic hits in 2020, he was not prepared for the challenges of running a restaurant during a global crisis while adhering to the new rules and policy from the government to curb the spread of the disease. His restaurant boasts a 3400 sq. ft. with a total of 120 seats capacity. Before the pandemic, he allocates 60% of his facility for the dining area while 25% is dedicated to the kitchen area and another 15% for other areas such as the bathroom, storage closet, bar, etc. During the first stage of lockdown, the law was tight and states that he cannot operate dine-in, but could still operate his restaurant for delivery and pick-up order. Mr. Mizanin receives a lot of order during this period as he partnered with various online delivery platforms. However, he struggled to complete the orders as his 120 seats restaurant was not designed to be a packing and delivery only food service. This caused him to receive a hefty fine by the authorities, due to breach of the government standard operating procedure (SOP), as most of the delivery riders sits inside his restaurants’ dining area and not observing social distancing while waiting for the food pick-up. Thus, the operation performed rather poorly as the facility wasn’t prepared to the new change in SOP. Four months later, the second stage of lockdown initiated, and the law started to loosen up a bit by allowing dine in, but must maintain a 6 feet gap between tables to accommodate social distancing rules. These situations makes Mr. Mizanin realizes that he needs to change his layout to fit the new operation standards and a change of workflow, together with compliance with the government SOPs. As the restaurant facility manager, identify THREE (3) issues and how would you advise Mr. Mizanin on his restaurant layout change based on those issues, during:
  1. First lockdown stage
  2. Second lockdown stage


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