Ms. Llu shares her web data with you, which shows that she has an average of 500 daily page views during the weekdays. and an average of 1.200 daily page views on the weekends Each time someone loads one of her pages, it counts as a page view. If each page viewer peruses an average of two pages per visit on weekdays and three pages per visit on weekends, then how many weekly visits (ie, the number of users, including repeating visitors, that came to her website) does she obtain on weekdays and weekends? ? Page Views # of Days Pages/Visit 2 NON B D 1 Visits 3. Ms. Liu wants to add more information to her website about her handicrafts and the origin and location of the minority Chinese groups who make them, but she doesn’t know if this is feasible. She thinks that this may depend on the average visit duration that users spend on the site. She asks you to calculate how much time users spend on the site during each visit. Google metrics show that on weekdays, unique visitors spent 12.5 hours on the site and on weekends, unique visitors spent-15 hours on the site Note: While website owners want users to spend a long time on their site, the average time spent is generally three to five minutes or less.


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