PROBLEM 7.3 A two-stage amplifier is shown in Figure 7.75. It is constructed by cascading two one-stage amplifiers of the type seen in Problem 7.2. In analyzing this amplifier, use the MOSFET model described in Problem 7.2 and illustrated in Figure 7.74 OUT VIN MID a) The fact that a second amplifier stage is connected to the first amplifier stage docs not change the operation of the first stage. That is, the relation between IMID and IN here is the same as the relation between OUT and vIN in Problem 7.2. Why? What terminal characteristic of the second MOSFET must change in order for this not to be true? b) Derive the relation between MID and for0 IN, and the relation between voUT and iMID for 0s IMID SVs. Hint: see Problem 7.2.) c) Derive the relation between vouT and IIN for O SN d) Determine the range of input voltages for which both MOSFETs operate under the saturation discipline. What are the c ranges for iMID and voUT? e) Using the numerical parameters given in Problem 7.2, graph YOUT versus IIN for IN for 0 V S IIN S3 V. Compare this graph to the input-output graph found in Problem 7.2, and explain the differences.


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