Read the Case study and answer the following questions

A shoe manufacturing company by the name of “Designers” was established in 2005 with the mission of becoming the top shoe manufacturer of the country by providing quality handmade shoes. When the company was started there were only 30 employees that included 10 white collar employees and 20 blue collar employees. They didn’t have any outlets so they had to sell their product in the market. They initially launched 6 designs in the market with the production capacity of 10,000 units per month of a design.

As the brand made its name in the market the demand for the shoes also increased. So the company decided to increase the production. The owners didn’t want to hire any unskilled labor as they didn’t want to compromise the quality of their handmade shoes so they had asked their existing employees for referrals. As the time passed, more employees were hired and the production also increased.

By the year 2020 the company progressed with more than 800 blue collar employees and 600 white collar employees. Now the company had well established departments and also owned around 30 outlets all around the country. As the company was growing, the management decided to hire more competent young talent for the betterment of the organization. Therefore they decided to launch MTO program where the new talent would be given training for 6 months in different departments like Marketing, Human Resource, Supply Chain Management, Finance and Administration.

After launching MTO program, advertisement was given in different newspapers and recruitment drives were performed in various universities. The whole process of recruitment & selection almost took one month. The management decided to outsource the MTO hiring from the next time because it turned out to be very expensive and time consuming. The management further decided to fire HR Manager and hire new young candidate.

Q 1: Considering the year is 2021 what would be the recruitment sources that you will consider to hire skilled labor for the manufacturing of handmade shoes?

Q 2: What method can be applied for the job analysis of blue collar employees?

Q 3: Suppose you are the Manager Recruitment & Talent Sourcing what will be the pre-recruitment considerations that you will consider before launching the MTO Program?

Q 4: The management has hired you as the new Manger Recruitment & Talent sourcing what will you suggest the management other than outsourcing the hiring of MTO?


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