Q#1: CASE STUDY 1 Paras Afzal is an exceptional salesperson at Silk Bank. Only three years in her service, she become a sales manager at the bank. Then Meezan Bank sought her out to become one of twelve regional sales managers. Meezan Bank is the top Islamic bank of Pakistan with one of the biggest branch networks and Paras knew this was a great opportunity. After several weeks of considering all the options, she took the job at Meezan Bank. She faced several challenges as she arrived for her first day at Meezan. Although she had impressive experience in banking, she was not familiar with the specifics of Meezan Bank’s product line or customers. More significantly, Paras did not know many of the new bank’s sales force, including the thirty salespeople or the three district sales managers in her region. Sales in this region had not been keeping pace with the growth in other parts of the country, and senior management at MBL believed it was time for major changes. They passed over the district sales managers and went outside the company to hire Paras.

Paras knows there is much to learn, and senior management expects things to improve in the region quickly and have given Paras a great deal of latitude to make whatever changes she feels are necessary .Her ability to manage the sales force effectively is critical to her success


  1. Think you are Paras Afzal. What are the first three things you would want to learn about the sales environment at MB?
  1. Considering the elements of sales force management what area of sales management do you think would be most difficult for you to learn about as the new employee?


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