If you were given $25,000 to invest in a single stock right now, would you consider investing in Uber? Explain your decision. 8-12. One of the biggest headlines about Uber over the past decade has focused on disgruntled taxi drivers in a number of metropolitan areas who have rioted and fought for government regulations to keep Uber drivers out of their city. Why would taxi drivers react so harshly? Couldn’t they just become an Uber driver? 8-13. The article mentions “uberization” as the trend for new companies to develop apps that help link the consumer of a good or service with the seller. Take a few minutes to brainstorm a market that has yet to see this uberization but that would likely benefit from it. 8-14. Uber is just one example of a company that has generated growth in the “gig economy” (simply put, an area of work in which jobs are freelance and not permanent). Think of some pros and cons of working in the gig economy versus holding a traditional permanent position at a company. Explain your answer. 8-15. Would you prefer taking an Uber operated by a driver or riding in a self- driving Uber vehicle? Think about the pros and cons of each platform. Explain your answer.


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