Sample dissertation proposal Title Page:

Title Page

Dissertation Title
Author Name
University Name
A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the
requirements for the degree of
Degree Name
Program Name
Campus Name
Date of Submission

Sample dissertation proposal Acknowledgement:


Under this section, you need to acknowledge everyone who has helped you while you have been preparing the content of your dissertation. This may be your supervisor or other academic staff who have offered guidance and support. You can also mention other student’s or colleague’s names with whom you have collaborated on any research or project work, or perhaps any external body that gave you assistance such as access to data or the opportunity for practical experience.

Dissertation acknowledgement example

I offer my gratitude to the faculty, staff and my fellow colleagues who have helped me to continue my research. I owe particular thanks to Dr. J.K. Riley whose guidance assisted me to think more deeply about the subject.

I also want to thank Jonathan Hailey for enlarging my vision of the subject and his great involvement in the project. Special thanks to my librarian Mrs. Norris who endured me with endless questions and provided coherent answers to those.

Sample dissertation proposal Abstract:

The abstract is a summarized version of your dissertation paper. It gives an overview of the main ideas to the readers and let them decide whether or not they want to continue with reading. Two things you need to do here:Describe what you aim to do

  • Describe what you aim to dothrough your research in very concise manner
  • Define the results and conclusion you have drawn with them in brief

Remember: Pages that come before table of contents should be referred using Roman numeric. Then it changes from the Introduction part where you use traditional numbering i.e. Page 1.

Sample dissertation paper Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Sample dissertation paper Introduction 5
Title – Introduction: 5
Subtitle – What goes in Introduction? 5

Sample dissertation paper Literature Survey 6
Title – Literature Survey 6
Subtitle- How to implement footnote in writing? 6

Sample dissertation paper Methodology 6
Title – Methodology: 6
Subtitle 7
Sub-section: How to use involve tables and figures? 7

Sample dissertation paper Results 7
Title – Results: 7

Sample dissertation paper Discussion 8
Discussion: 8
Add charts and graphs, 8

Sample dissertation paper Conclusion 8
Title – Conclusion 9

Sample dissertation paper Recommendations: 9
Title – Recommendations: 9

Sample dissertation paper Reference list/Bibliography 9
Title – Reference list/Bibliography: 9
APA Referencing Style: 10
MLA Referencing Style: 10
Oxford Referencing Style: 10
Harvard Referencing Style: 10

Sample dissertation paper Appendix: 11
Title – Appendix: 11
Appendix A: Title 11

Sample dissertation paper Introduction:

1. Title – Introduction

1.1. Subtitle – What goes in Introduction?

Paragraph: The introduction to dissertation must contain the outline of the theme, hypothesis and goals of the thesis and involve enough information to enable a non-specialist fellow to understand your research work. Following are the elements of introduction:

A thorough review of relevant literature

A clear research statement.

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1.2. Second Subtitle: Specification of Introduction

New Paragraph: Leave a line space between each paragraph. To make it more clear, set the spacing after the line to 10pt or 12pt.

Sample dissertation paper Literature Survey:

2. Title – Literature Survey

Paragraph: You are expected to present a summary of the reading research you have done in your topic area.

New Paragraph: Indented quotation – it should be three more lines long. Notice if there are no quotation mark and remember to cite the sources of your quotations. (Name, Year, Page number).

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2.1. Subtitle- How to implement footnote in writing?

New paragraph: Use a footnote to identify specific contributions of collaborators, as in this example. 1

Also refer to example described on the first page of chapter 3.
1 This example is created to give you proficient idea of how to develop ideal dissertation paper .

Sample dissertation paper Methodology:

3. Title – Methodology

Paragraph: Here you should discuss the scope of your research and all of your research methods. Start by explaining the process you have gone through in selecting particular research methods.

New paragraph: Be sure you present the limitations and shortcomings of your research methods to your readers.

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3.1. Subtitle

Paragraph: You may have different elements to your research in order to prove your stand, perhaps separate case studies or a variety of testing procedures. You may want to describe them in separate section. You number those sub-sections under this section itself.

3.1.1. Sub-section

New paragraph: You can add more sections according to your necessity. Keep in mind that your structure does not get complicated to understand.

3.2. Sub-section: How to use involve tables and figures?

If you are using graphs, charts and illustrations, write a paragraph introducing the figure here and then make sure the figure is numbered properly so that the readers find it easily in the list of figures easily.

Sample dissertation paper Results:

4. Title – Results

Paragraph: Under this section, you will detail all your results that you have collected. You may chose to use tables and graphs to show your results.

New Paragraph: If you are using a table of information to demonstrate your results, you should introduce it in a new paragraph and then number it properly so that the readers can refer to it when they need.

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Sample dissertation paper Discussion:

5. Discussion

Paragraph: In this section, you give your own explanation as to how the results support your research. You also need to make interpretations and judgments depending on the results of your research.

New Paragraph: Discuss how your results have proved your hypothesis, and how it the proven results affect practical world.

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5.1. Add charts and graphs

You can use color in your graphs, charts and tables, but avoid using colored text, except hyperlinks. Remember to number them properly for further reference in list of figures and list of tables. Also remember to make your illustrations graphics clear and readable.

Sample dissertation paper Conclusion:

6. Title – Conclusion

Paragraph: In this section, you present your own opinions and views on the findings of your research in order to draw your conclusion. It should reflect your own reasoning and judgment as to how you have reached the conclusion.

New paragraph: Contextualize your thinking within the literature you surveyed in literature survey. But make sure you showcase some unique conclusion from your work.

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Sample dissertation paper Recommendations:

7. Title – Recommendations

Paragraph: Here you discuss about your future studies that arise at the end of your research. It is important for your readers to understand the scopes of your research. Here are the elements of recommendations:

  • Number your recommendations according to the level of priority
  • Give suggested dates for implementation of your recommendations
  • Be sure whether your supervisor or faculty expects your dissertation to include a recommendation section.

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Sample dissertation paper Reference list/Bibliography:

8. Title – Reference list/Bibliography

8.1. APA Referencing Style

Author(s), (year). Title of work: Edition. Volume(s). Place of publication: publisher
For example: Mathews, J. (1990). The art of childhood and adolescence: The construction of meaning. London, England: Falmer Press.

8.2. MLA Referencing Style

Last name, First name. Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, year of publication. Medium of publication.
For example, Cross, Susan, and Christine Hoffman. Bruce Nauman: Theaters of Experience. New York: Guggenheim Museum: London: Themes & Hudson, 2004. Print.

8.3. Oxford Referencing Style

Surname, initial, the name of the work, place of publication, publisher, date of publication.

For example: Ratnagar, S., Encounters From the Eupharates to the Indus in the Bronze Age, New Delhi, Oxford University Press, 2004.

8.4. Harvard Referencing Style

Surname, Initial, Year. Title, Name of publisher, Place of publishing

For example: Binder, G2009, Corporate governance in Arab countries: development of corporate governance in Arab and Mena countries, University of Vienna, Vienna.

Reference List: A list of citations for all sources you have referred to in the body of your dissertation.

Bibliography: A list of citations for all sources you have mentioned in the body of your dissertation, whether you have referred to them in the paper or not.

  • You can use either of them, check whether your faculty requires you to include a reference list or a bibliography (If your faculty needs to see both, write them on separate pages)
  • Make sure you arrange them in alphabetical order.

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Sample dissertation paper Appendix:

9. Title – Appendix

9.1. Appendix A: Title

Here you mention those elements that you have not mentioned in the body of dissertation. You should give the sequence of your appendices using letters i.e. ‘Appendix A’, ‘Appendix B’ etc. The numbering of pages should be as follows:
‘A-1, A-2/ B-1, B-2…’

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